New Jersey Pedestrian Deaths - Latest Report is Alarming

18 Apr 2017 Written by  New Jersey Accident Lawyers


Pedestrian Accidents Lawyers Elizabeth, New Jersey

"Pedestrians now account for the largest proportion of traffic fatalities recorded in the past 25 years" (

The latest numbers are alarming when it comes to pedestrian accidents in New Jersey and around the country. As New Jersey accident lawyers, we at Mintz & Geftic represent clients that have been injured in all types of serious accidents. This includes car accidents, truck accidents, construction accidents, motorcycle accidents, as well as accidents involving pedestrians.

Readers in some of the state's more rural counties might not face a major threat when it comes to pedestrian accidents. However, here in Elizabeth and in surrounding cities like Newark and Jersey City, residents deal with these dangers on a daily basis. 

Pedestrian Accidents - The Facts


  • In 2015, 35,092 people were killed in traffic accidents. This includes truck accidents, car accidents and pedestrian accidents.

  • Of that total number of people killed, 5,376 of the traffic deaths were pedestrians.

  • In addition, an estimated 70,000 pedestrians were injured in traffic crashes nationwide (NHTSA).

  • On average, a pedestrian was killed every 1.6 hours and injured every 7.5 minutes in traffic crashes.

New Jersey

  •  In 2015, New Jersey had a total of 562 traffic fatalities. This includes all accidents, including truck accidents, car accidents and pedestrian accidents.
  • Of those 562 people that lost their lives in accidents, 170 were pedestrians.
  • The 170 pedestrians deaths make up 30.2% of the total traffic fatalities. This number was the highest among all states in 2015

Union County

The image below shows the location of Pedestrian Fatalities in Union County from 2012-2014

Union County Pedestrian Accidents

image above from the Tri-State Transportation Campaign

Pedestrian Accidents - When and Where?

This graphic from an NHTSA report gives a good breakdown of certain factors involving pedestrian accidents and pedestrian fatalities:


Pedestrian Accidents - Why The Increase?

There are a number of factors that might be involved when it comes to the increase in accidents and pedestrian fatalities. One primary reason that all traffic experts point to is the increased usage of smart phones. The distracted driving that is occurring on our roads these days has reached unprecedented levels, putting both drivers and pedestrians at great risk. .

Unfortunately, until we all put down the cellphone, these increases are likely to continue. 


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